New Man in Charge at Riip Beer and It's Big!

We have a new man in charge over here. A man amongst men, an HB Resident & Local, fun, cool personality that everyone knows. He happens to be one of Southern California’s best brewers and a true veteran in the OC beer scene. I had the pleasure of meeting him ten plus years ago over a pint of beer. A time when there were only a few breweries in OC worth visiting. We are thrilled to announce that Ian McCall, former lead brewer of Beachwood, Long Beach has joined Riip as our Head Brewer and Director of Brewing Operations. 

Ian has had a hand in brewing many award winning beers during his time at Beachwood. His training and skill set that he has acquired from over seven years with Beachwood is top notch and exactly what we need to take Riip to the next level. Professionalism is the best word to describe Ian. He is a pro on all levels: working relationships, strategies and attitude. I said to Ian the other day, "Who would of thought ten years ago that we would of been working together on something that we have always loved and had a deep passion for?" We laughed a little and agreed. Crazy! It’s a true honor to have Ian run the show. Beachwood is an amazing brewery and was a true inspiration to Riip as we started our journey of opening a brewery. Having the "Wizard Behind the Curtain" now at Riip is a huge accomplishment for us and we are extremely thankful for Beachwood's support. 

Although we are so excited to welcome Ian, we are also sad to lose an integral member of the Riip Beer team. Late summer last year Derek Testerman, former Gunwhale Head Brewer, came on board to help Riip Beer through a difficult Head brewer transition. Derek did an amazing job of holding things together, maintaining quality and igniting growth for Riip during his period as Head brewer for us. He brewed some amazing beers and tweaked flagship recipes to be even better than before. Those of you that have had the pleasure of sharing beers or jokes with Derek, know that he is an awesome person and a great brewer. Riip is excited to see him go on to build his own brewery back east, in his home state of Pennsylvania. Thanks Derek for your awesomeness and friendship. Riip is always here to support you. Pennsylvania is going to be stoked on what you are about to bring to town!